Sunday, May 24, 2020


I MAY become known as a Quilt Rescuer.
A friend had a friend who had this BEAUTY - but did not want it any more.

I MAY have said "Yes" to another unfinished project.

Here it is - bundled on my lap!  SWEET!

Here you can see the wonderful choices of color and placement of the Yo-yo's.You can also see the.. love that it needs to repair some not-so-perfect sewing.

And it came with a gallon bag of Vintage Fabric Circles - if I need to make more Yo-yo's.

Dirt - A Mother's Day Gift

MAY 23rd I received my Mother's Day Gift, as promised.
A LOT of dirt.
A Dump Truck with dirt.
 Dirt = Love

The Dump Truck left it on the driveway.
4 Cubic Yards. 
Our Oldest Son spent the day hauling the dirt from the driveway to the backyard.
My project for the day - spreading the dirt in the flower beds in the back yard.

Oh!! The plants MAY really love this!!

Friday, May 22, 2020

22 - Physics Project

I know.
This is not a Quilting or Crafting project.
But the High School Physics class I teach had Project Presentations today.

The teacher MAY be more happy the class is finished
than the kids are happy that the class is finished!

Now, on to other projects!!

Black Jack! 21!

Black and White and Bright Blocks
From a Block-of-the-Month ... Don't know when.

I plan to do this quilt-as-you-go so it is easy on my little sewing machine.
I have chosen solid colors that MAY frame the blocks and back the blocks.
(you can see the backing fabric in the box...)

It MAY Happen....

Twenty - Tea Time!

The Old Blocks I pulled out to work on for MAY 15 were quite a challenge.
I lacked OLD material to put these together.

I DID find some old muslin - but it was far too clean, far too white.
So...  it's TEA TIME!
Time to tea-dye some fabric to use with so many vintage blocks I have collected.

Here's a new way to look at a Pot of Tea

The Muslin is ready to take a bath..

Letting it soak.....

Mission Accomplished!!!

I found some old Quilt squares in a box in one of my closets ... Squares that used nice, old, cotton fabric (the PINK vase above) and then some other scraps (double knit, seersucker) that were not so appropriate for quilting.  I cannibalized those blocks so I could make little vases for my flowers.

I am still working on these blocks... and think the vase needs to be a little bit bigger. 
I MAY figure that out this weekend.


This is a Batik Block-of-the-Month that I did... Don't know when I did them.

MAY 19, they are on the design wall.
Hoping their presence will inspire me to know how to put them together...

The Teens (16, 17 & 18)

It MAY be hard to keep touching another un-finished object every day.
Interesting that my rebellion against those guidelines come during the TEENS.

These are scrap blocks that my friends in the Quilting Bee made for me ... in 2014.
They each made me TWO 16-patch blocks from squares I had in my stash.

I put them together.....
32 16-patch blocks
31 Setting Squares (well - "X" shaped blocks...)
63 blocks in all

And then STALLED because it was not large enough for our bed.
STALLED for ... it MAY have been YEARS.

So for my MAY Challenge... I brought it out,
hoping it MAY Happen in one day.  Hoping to add enough blocks for it to fit on my bed.

It did not happen in one day - but it DID happen in my teens.
May 16, May 17, & May 18.

Now it has:
50 16-patch blocks ( I made 18 more)
49 Setting Squares (well - "X" shaped blocks...)( I made 18 more)
99 blocks in all.

And I added a 4 inch border all around.

I MAY save up my pennies and take it to a long-arm Quilter. 
My little machine will not accommodate all this beauty.

I am happy to be soon be out of the TEENS.