Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grinch in January

You may remember a Grinch quilt I helped design-as-you-go. Well, my friend got the last borders on it and was headed to our Bee's (long arm?  I'm not good with names of machines) quilter.  She brought it by for me to see before the quilting began.  I plan to get photos of the FINISH, but wanted to post pictures of SOMETHING!!!

We designed this around the pictures of the Grinch - adding frames as seemed appropriate, with a sense of it all floating in the white snow.  The background is a white-on-white that includes white snowflakes.  This is a pretty good picture of the distribution of fabrics and colors. We had to put it on the floor and take an angled shot because I'm not yet supposed to climb ladders and things like that.

 Here is another over-all shot.

This photo shows the outside borders that have row of Whos from Whoville and a great Grinchmas Banner. 

These two photos show the fun Suessed-out squares she put near the corners.

I can't wait to see it after it's quilted!!


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