Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Charm Quilt - Scraps to the Max

About two summers ago (maybe it was three) I decided it would be a great idea to go through my scraps and cut out whole quilts.  (one of my children used to like to do this with a pair of scissors and paper.  We called it 'making little ones out of big ones').  So, I went through each box of scraps and made little ones out of big ones.

I cut out a whole quilt's worth of squares to make into Flying Geese.  That is - a whole quilt.  Made out of Flying Geese.  Mostly bright colors.  No white.

I cut out pairs of fabrics to make square-within-a-square patches.  I think they will turn out to be 6-inch squares.

I cut out JUST blue and white squares. Then I cut 1-inch strips of those fabrics, too. . . anticipating making what will look like a blue-argyle quilt.

I cut strips to make this nine-patch quilt. . . and actually finished it in one summer!

AND I cut out equilateral triangles.  One out of every fabric.  Just one.  I had always wanted to make a charm quilt.  The idea is to make a quilt where none of the fabrics are repeated.

I've spent a few nights  (well, weeks) in the hospital with my daughter over the last few years.  After going through all these scraps, I had something to do while we sat for hours.  I put the fabrics into groups of four to make larger triangles. Then, when I had a little time at home, I would sew the sets of four together.

Then I was ready to put the triangles into larger blocks - diamonds.  I invited my oldest daughter and a few friends over.  We paired up triangle sets to make diamonds, and placed them . . . well . . . so they looked good.

We had triangles EVERYWHERE!
But soon I had a plan and started sewing diagonal rows.

I love this quilt!!  

This neutral is one of my favorite blocks - the bottom four fabrics just look so good together!!

My goal: Quilt this baby.  
For the Scrap Attack Challenge
at Stitched in Color.

On the road to finishing things in 2012!!


  1. What a beauty! Your mix of colors and values has great movement.

  2. Love the colours and the result - the diamonds look great!


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