Monday, November 14, 2011

Pink Bandana - and Denim

Our Son will be warm now. I finished the denim rag quilt for him this weekend. It went back to school with him, but I snapped a few pictures before it landed in the dorm.

This quilt is much more orderly than the other son's quilt. I even aimed at making the grain of each denim block run up and down the quilt.

The back includes his school's colors in flannal. . . and a pink bandana.

In high school this son began running with a pink bandana around his head.
Practical reason: It kept sweat from dripping in his eyes.
Parent reason: It made him easier to pick out of a crowd of skinny runners.
Philosophical reason: It takes a tough guy to wear a pink bandana.

I've often thought of carrying a sign to Cross Country meets or other races that said:

I really like the way the red flannel shows through the ragged seam allowances.

I clipped the seams on this rag quilt (I had not, in the last quilt) and am quite pleased with the uniform chenille look they created.

But it made a LOT of crumbs! When I washed the quilt, the denim and flannel frayed, as hoped, but left little scraps of thread clinging all over the flannel. I tried packing tape and finally resorted to using my vacuum cleaner to try to get the crumbs off.

I guess I've added new meaning to a clean finish!

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