Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Denim Rag

I can't always go to quilt shows,
but I love the inspiration of seeing what others create.

At Amy's Creative Side we ALL have the opportunity to go to a quilt show . . . by visiting the blogs of hundreds of people who quilt.


The show is called the Bloggers Quilt Fest.
Be sure to visit the Quilt Fest and get inspired to Create!!

I want to show the denim rag quilt I made for my son upon his graduation from high school. He currently studies architecture (check here for some of his work) and wanted a quilt

made of denim and flannal
with no particular pattern
with uneven edges.

This is what I created for him:

It's called a "Rag Quilt" because you leave the raw edges of the denim and flannel showing and, frankly, they look like rags! Typically you are supposed to clip the seam allowances every quarter inch or so and that helps it fray. I remember (with FOND MEMORIES) how cut off jeans would fray. That was the 'look' I wanted with this quilt, so I did not clip all the seam allowances. (I did clip the seam allowances at each of the seam intersections so they would fray freely) The only disadvantage to this method? It continually leaves little pieces of thread behind. (Like Hansel & Gretel leaving bread crumbs behind, this will be helpful if he ever gets lost in the forest and someone needs to find him)

It actually has some pattern to it - a group of eleven squares of a variety of sizes. Some miscellaneous squares are added to "square up" the quilt and fill in some leftover spaces. The sets of squares fit together - but you would be hard-pressed to actually SEE the pattern repeated. (Yeah, i know. That makes you want, all the more, to find the pattern!!)

The back of the quilt is even more un-planned, with a couple of blue plaids and some solid blue.

While the back may lack in beauty and orderliness, it excels in warmth, softness, and comfort.

Every kid needs their own blanket, not matter what age.



  1. I like it! I make a lot of denim quilts, but never ragged one. However, I did a flannel rag quilt for my hubby about 10 years ago and it's STILL shedding. I think yours is wonderful because it's so unique. I am glad you shared it with the Blogger's Festival.

  2. I love denim quilts and yours is no exception! The randomness of the piecing is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The story is amazing. Quilts are not art in my world they are bridges in a relationship. You built a very strong bridge by allowing him the freedom to design - that is his interest after all.

  4. Wow! I love your denim rag quilt. I knew I was saving my son's jeans for something. I've been waiting for just the right jean quilt. and this is it! He's a senior and going to a cold state for school in the fall, we're from texas :0 So did you do the whole sewing the 2 squares together with an X? with batting in the middle? Did you use extra strong thread? or double sew the seams? Please email your answers to Thanks for sharing. you've made my top 10 list from the festival (blog post coming soon).


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