Sunday, October 2, 2011


We drove to Austin Friday, and back Saturday - and had enough time to FINISH the padded hexagon quilt!!!

The prints are on the"right side" of the quilt. 
The solid-like greens run in between to make a kid of river separating the colors. 
 On the "back side" of the quilt the solid side of the flowers show.


I have never seen another quilt like this - although I have searched the internet. I am fairly certain my Mom started the Hexagons in a quilt class in California. I do not know what the intended outcome was!! Please leave a comment if you have seen projects with "padded hexagons" before.

Mom HAD started putting them together randomly, print sides up. (OH! I wish I had taken a picture of that before I re-structured the quilt). After deciding to sew them together into flowers, I fiddled with them and fiddled with them to find a pleasing arrangement. To see some of the earlier steps of this quilt check here and here.

I realize that I really DO like hexagons - and now I may go cut out the dozens of green hexagons I need to finish my Grandmother's Flower Garden that I started in 1982. I only need one row of light green to go all around the completed quilt top to frame it. I HAD cut them out in 2007 while we were on vacation. . . cut them out BY HAND. But I lost them. Yes. Lost them. I am pretty sure they are NOT in my stash - but I have no idea where they are.

Let me relish this finish once more with a close up of a part of the back:
(I FINISHED something!!!)
But I have other projects!


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  1. WOW! That's impressive!!! The river of green creates a fabulous pattern. The design and colours work so well! Found you via Lily's Small Blog Meet... new follower


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