Friday, September 9, 2011

Decisions. Deccisions.

The fun began when I tried to decide how to arrange all the padded hexagons. The random approach was not pleasing to me, so I actually un-sewed about 20 of the hexagons. I decided to sew them into 7 piece flowers and then started laying them on the floor.

I placed black hexagons periodically amongst the prints, with the solid side up. I was hoping it would separate the cacophony of color and print. The back side of the quilt is going to look good, because there is some cohesion. I thought about this plan. I decided it was NOT going to work. there is just too much print on the front of this quilt.

I arranged the flowers in color-coordinated rows and used black to separate the rows.
(Sorry the picture is so dark)

I decided to abandon the black blocks but keep the flowers in color-coordinated rows. I came up with this layout.

But I couldn't figure out what to use to join the rows. Finally I took apart the green flowers (where are the green flowers in real life, anyway?) and plan to use them to join the rows. I am not willing to make enough greens to completely surround each flower but thought this vertical color rows might work with a few greens to separate the rows.

I also sketched this quilt about three times, and, in the end, the sewing happened differently than any sketch!! Here is the current progress on this quilt: The front on the left, and the back on the right. There will be three or four more rows.

I am currently creating a few more green hexagons to fill in the holes and to smooth the edges.

On the back I have bright pink paper tags with numbers. That helps me know where to attach the next rows of flowers. The front is interestingly busy. The back, well, is simpler. I'm excited to get near the end of this project.


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