Monday, June 8, 2015

Cutting 60 Degree Diamonds

I have lots of scraps.

I went through my scraps in the past few months and cut the little pieces into useful pieces.  Along the way I decided to cut 60 Degree Diamonds from my scraps in order to have a hand-piecing project. I plan to use the English Paper Piecing Method to make stars from these Diamonds. 

Well - I also cut out a full quilt's worth of diamonds for one friend and a table runner's worth of diamonds for a couple other friends. 

So, I have recently cut HUNDREDS of diamonds.

And I want to share the method I used to cut 60 degree diamonds.  
The measurements are for paper diamonds that are 2" on each side,
thus the fabric has to be a bit bigger than that.

Cut two strips of your chosen fabric, 2 3/8 " by 10".  
It is pretty important that the left edge be squared off. . . 
Stack the two strips on top of each other.  You will cut two diamonds at a time.

STEP 2.  Find a ruler in your collection that looks like one of these below.  

You can use a Hexagon Ruler

You can use a square Ruler that
has these markings on it

You can use a larger ruler that has diagonal lines like this ruler.

.... Even though the diagonal lines on the large ruler do not go all the way to the corner.
 STEP 3.  Now you need to prepare to cut a little triangle off the left edge of the strip.  Your geometry teacher tried to get you to be intimately familiar with this very special triangle.  It is a 30-60-90 degree Triangle.  When you cut off that little triangle on the left, you are making a 60 degree angle inside the diamond you are cutting.  And THAT is your goal!

Use a Hexagon Ruler

Or one of the other rulers that have a 60 degree diagonal line printed on it
STEP 4.  Cut off that little triangle on the left so your strip looks like this:

 STEP 5.  Now you are going to cut parallel lines with a ruler
                       where you can see how to cut 2 3/8".

The ruler is positioned on the left edge at 2 3/8 ".
Cut on the right edge for your first pair of diamonds.

Cut once, twice, three times, each time 2 3/8" from the left edge of the last cut.

To actually construct the quilt, you will also need 2 inch paper (60 degree) diamonds.
You can buy them already cut. (I see a future tutorial!)
You can make your own.

Quick Summary: 

STEP 1. Cut 2 strips of fabric, 2 3/8" by 10 ".  Stack them on top of each other
STEP 2. Get your ruler ready
STEP 3. Line up your ruler
STEP 4. Cut off that first little triangle
STEP 5. Make 3 cuts parallel to that first cut.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.


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