Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Spy in the Cubby-Holes

I have always been intrigued by optical illusions.
So I decided to use the 'attic windows' idea to create an I Spy for a special friend.
(A special Grandma)

60 Pictures to Spy.
And hours of fun with the Grandchildren.

I'm posting about this artistic endeavor - and am entering this quilt in the 

You can visit the Festival and Vote for your favorite quilts in all the categories
by clicking HERE

I got to practice making y-seams (60 of them!) and got pretty good at it.

To add to the optical illusion effect, I felt the picture frames needed a black highlight in the diagonal seam... so I hand embroidered a black accent line in each square.

(hmm... the quilt was not hanging straight on the fence - 
and wind was blowing so the lines are kinda wavy in this photo...)
You can see the black embroidery accents in this photo.

I plan to sign the quilt on one of those baseballs - 
the ball next to the one with Babe Ruth's autograph.

I used black strips as lattice on the front.  The strips on the front I cut at 1.25 inches.  
With my a-little-more-than-quarter-inch-seams, the black lattice finished at around 3/4 inches.

You can read about how to construct the quilt using this technique by visiting  The Happy Zombie .

But the part of the quilt that just makes me SMILE is the BACK.

Using the quilt-as-you-go method, I varied the colors of the linking lattice 
to create this really fun rainbow effect.
And the denim will make this perfect to use as a picnic blanket.

This Grandma has a daughter who participated in a Quilt Club I had when my girls were in high school.  I had a signature fabric that I included in a number of blocks I made for the girls.  Chocolate.  It was chocolate fabric.  And that fabric makes its appearance in this quilt as well.

I tried to make the whole quilt look like maybe it was a bookshelf of Cubby-holes.
You can see the left border appearing like the side of a bookshelf.
You can see the top of the bookshelf, as well.

And I notched the top right hand corner to finish the illusion of a bookshelf.

This Quilt was just so much fun to make.
I hope you will go and vote for your favorite Art Quilt at the Blogger's Quilt Festival HERE.

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How fun is this?!  To go to a Quilt Show and not have to leave your home.
YOU get to have a say in which quilts win the prizes.



  1. What a lovely gift! And oh yes, a lovely back!!

  2. Haha! I love the idea of your signature being on a baseball, what fun! I hope you put a good label on the back, too, because I predict that this quilt will be getting snuggled for a long, long time. Your attention to detail and special touches you included speak volumes about quilting with love. It is really a very precious and special quilt.


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