Saturday, December 29, 2012

I've Waited SO Long to Show This!

In January I received a brown bag with a yard of fabric in it.

Batik fabric.

Beautiful Batik fabric.

My job - to make a quilt top using this fabric and have it completed by December.  Then I would give away the quilt top to whoever put it in the brown bag.

This is the fabric I was given.

Didn't know whose fabric it is.
Didn't know what they like
or what they don't like.

So I made something
that I would like.
And finished it in the summer.

Kept it quiet all of August.

And then the trees were such a pretty color that I knew it was the time to take pictures of the quilt top.

I had two charm packs of batiks - they were the perfect combination of colors and textures.  
And, somehow, they were the perfect number of charms to use this pattern.

The pattern is called "Smitten" by Rachel Griffith.  
You can see it here.
(Her colors were for a baby quilt)
(I also saw an awesome rainbow rendition of the quilt here)

But the obvious color scheme for mine focused on the lovely Autumn Batik.

Here are some of my favorite blocks in this quilt:

I had so much fun making this quilt - and was so excited to give it away.
Two of my children could not believe I would give it away. . . they really liked it.

Merry Christmas to my dear friend.  I'm so glad you like your quilt top!


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  1. Oh my gosh!!! This quilt is gorgeous! I love when people include blues, purples, and greens in their autumn projects.


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