Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Twelve Years Later - Great Memories

In 1999 I hosted a Girls' Quilting Club.  My daughter and a few of her friends met once a month and we learned how to make patched blocks with the hope of eventually making a quilt.  Since I liked to quilt, I figured it was an important part of a homeschool curriculum.  I don't know if these girls actually like quilting, but this picture bears witness that we had a lot of fun when we were together.

For my birthday that school year, the girls each made me a Pinwheel Block.  Some of their moms even made me a block!  They chose a Green and Burgundy color scheme that coordinated with the bedspread on my bed at the time.

Did I mention that it was in 1999?
So, their blocks sat in a box for the last 12 years.  Most of the blocks had a sticky note on it with the name of the block's maker so that I had some idea who had made these blocks.

This year I have attempted to complete a bunch of Un-Finished Objects (UFO's) and in August this was the project I was supposed to finish.  So I started moving the blocks around on my design wall.

I took one pinwheel apart, added a couple more triangles to it, and used it on the sides.

I added a couple of my own pinwheels and a burgundy frame.

I added another burgundy frame and finished it with a burgundy edge.  You can read about the second frame at this blogpost.  

I added a little bit of hand quilting.

I quilted some pinwheels in the border.

And all the while I thought about these sweet girls who came to the Quilting Club.  I prayed for them and the places they were now.  I thought about the changes in their lives that have occurred over the past 12 years.  And now I have a quilt in front of me to remind me of each of them, to remind me to pray for them and to remind me to thank the Lord for the time we had together so many years ago.

A treasure trove of memories.
Pieced together over the years.
On my lap and in my heart.

You girls are all very special to me.

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