Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some July Progress

My UFO goal for July involved my Red and White Blocks that I received for Christmas from the lovely ladies in Seams Like Sisters Quilting Bee.

I decided I would Try Something New - and put these blocks together in a Quilt-as-You-Go method.  After designing a quilt, a Bee Friend had sewn tags onto those blocks to remind her the order of her rows and columns.  I tried the same thing with the backs of my blocks.

The setting blocks of quarter-square triangles and the fabric for the back of the quilt all came out of my stash.

I am really liking the red and white.
I love the way the triangles are making patterns with the patched blocks.
On-Point Squares.

And I have an interesting plan for the edges.

On another note - I went to an estate sale in my neighborhood and purchased these two flour sacks for a couple dollars each.  

One of them has this intriguing note on it:


I'm not sure, now, if I will ever wash them!!  I don't want the printing to be removed!
Has anybody had any experience with items like this?

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Check out all the wonderful summer quilting going on!!
Cathy H


  1. those flour sacks are so cool. cant wait to see what you can do with them.

  2. Love the red and white quilt you have going on. Nice find on the flour sacks.

  3. Beautiful quilt and those flour sacks are great!

  4. The red and white blocks look great. It will be a lovely quilt!

  5. Your red and white quilt is simply gorgeous. I love the way the hourglass blocks are forming a star pattern.

    So very weird about the flour sacks. Did Pillsbury NOT get the message that printing is good!!! LOL I would not wash them.

    blessings, jill
    visiting from lilysquilts

  6. Your red and white quilt is going to be beautiful! I love two color quilts. I have always wanted to try a quilt as you go project. Congrats on the progress!


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