Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabric Covered Box

Here is another of my aprons.  I really like this one!

When my girls were growing up, we chanced upon a lovely group of ladies at the local library who were quilters.  They held monthly meetings and we called ourselves the "Quilt Chat".
Not a fancy enough to be a Guild
or a busy enough to be a Bee.
We just got together and Chatted.

There was Japanese lady in the group who translated the directions for a "Japanese Fancy Fabric Box" and taught us how to make these.  It became the go-to gift for that year for Grandmas and others. . . and  a demonstration for 4-H.

Here a some pictures of those we still have at our house.

These could probably be classified as RECYCLING projects - as the materials are all stuff you usually throw away.  At some point this summer I will post a tutorial for these boxes. 

Here is one I just recently made. 
I used an antique button on top, from my Grandmother's Button box.

Happy July!


  1. Fabulous fabric boxes!!! Love the shape and I look forward to the tutorial...

  2. Those look really neat! And I well remember my days of 4-H demonstrations. :)

  3. Those are lovely! I look forward to the tutorial. :)

  4. How wonderful, I too am looking forward to a tutorial on how to make these boxes! Good to meet you on the blog hop :)

  5. Those boxes look great. I'm looking forward to your tutorial.


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