Saturday, June 16, 2012

UFO #5 - May's Progress

My May UFO has been slow to progress.  I have leftover pieces from the table runners my Mom used to make.  She had an AMAZING eye for color, and the table runners were beautiful.

I wanted to use the scraps as a sort of album of the table runners.
This is what I considered:

I had hoped the red (some would be pink or orange) diagonals and the green diagonals would add interesting movement in the quilt.

 It just was not working for me.

Then I saw this post  by Jolene at blue elephant stitches.
In addition to a tutorial for this block, she had made this quilt:

Granny Squares.

Do you remember crocheting these?  Or your Mom crocheting these?
Or your Grandma?
(I think I had a poncho out of Granny Squares in Jr. High!)

I decided black would be ideal for the outer edge of the squares -
and now the table-runner blocks look like this:

 I am so excited!!  The black just sets off the gorgeous fabrics chosen by my Mom.

I will probably put some black sashing between the blocks, just like the sashing in Jolene's quilt at blue elephant stitches.

Stay tuned for this top to be finished soon.

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  1. The black is great with the scraps. That really reminds me of the granny square afghans my grandmother used to crochet.


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