Monday, April 2, 2012

Muslin and Homespun

Well, I got started on my March UFO!!  These are 4-patches from Homespun fabric that I received in an exchange sometime in the 1990's.

It is going together quickly - and it looks better than I expected!
I was kind of expecting it to be very "country" but I think I can make it
more "modern" or at least 21st Century!!

Here are the blocks on a design wall.

I'm joining the Small Blog Meet at Lilly's Quilts.

 Lily's Quilts

Since I am a Small Blog - I'm hoping to encourage folks to stop by once in awhile.
To check on my progress.
To see my ideas.
To be encouraged to be creative -
and to persevere, even when things don't get finished quickly.
Some of my projects are left-over from the time I was raising four children.
A stitch here.  A stitch there.  

I've learned to enjoy the DOING as much as the END.

 I can't post without a picture of spring.  This is from my favorite rose bush (that just barely made it through the rough summer of 2011).  The bush lost 6 of it's 8 main canes - but this is what continues to be produced on the cane that is left!

A crown of thorns beneath the vase is quite appropriate this week - as we look forward to celebrating Resurrection Sunday.  "He bore our sins"


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  1. I found you through the Small Blog Meet @ Lily's Quilts. I enjoyed looking around your blog and am now a follower. I look forward to seeing the progress you make on your projects.


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