Monday, April 23, 2012

Box #2

Last November I opened a box in my closet and was thrilled to find old ties in the box. (see this link)  I got carried away with sewing on those items (imagine THAT!) instead of blogging about my intentions.

But I DO have a number of really interesting boxes in my sewing room.  I opened a few last weekend, and want to share one with you.  It will probably take a few blog-posts to cover all the items!

It is a box full of OLD items (mostly unfinished) that have been given to me.  They found a home in my room - and someday will turn into a useful item.  Some of the items are OLD . . maybe you would even say VINTAGE.

This is an apron printed onto thin, handkerchief-type blue fabric.  It is obviously ready to be embroidered - and would be lovely.  My question: should I preserve this in its original state or complete it as was intended?

Here is another - a full set of yellow 'scarves' to go on top of a buffet and a table-runner, I think.  They seem to be made of a lovely golden linen.

To the right of each of the large pieces is a close-up of the label inked onto the fabric.
Again, I wonder if I should preserve these in their original state or complete them.

One more item in this state:

Apparently this is a 'boudoir pillow'.  It is the same kind of 'handkerchief' type fabric as the blue apron above.

I'm hoping that some of you out in blog-land will have an informed opinion - or even expert advice about what I should do with these items.

Leave a comment so I can know whether to preserve them as-is or (eventually) add the embroidery and finish them up.

Come back in the next day or so - and I'll show you another pillow that makes me laugh and laugh.  I have NO IDEA where I got this!  Here is a little teaser picture:



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  1. that butterfly is fantastic. what a treasure! i'm not sure i could resist embroidering it.


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