Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Someone Else's Project

Last summer we bid farewell to a family from our church as they returned to the Foreign Place they call home now. Big Sister and Big Brother stayed in The States to attend college, and Little Sister left with Mom and Dad. But she left with a creation from so many of her friends...

Her friends brought some fabric to the Quilt Lady who pieced the pinwheels and embroidered names onto the border blocks. She asked me to help her put it together. So I got to help with Someone Else's Project. Again. I can't help myself!! It is so fun being able to decide where to put certain colors. It is so fun to watch this amazing lady - because she actually FINISHES projects!! (And enters them in the State Fair) (And wins blue ribbons!!) It's so fun to use my math skills and sewing skills to help make quilts.

Little Sister need only wrap herself in this quilt
and from the other side of the world, she gets a hug from her friends.


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