Monday, November 21, 2011

Be Thankful

Be Thankful. That is a good exhortation.

My two girls and I made this little decoration many years ago. It was such a special time when we could sew together! I think I did the embroidery and they did the patchwork.

And every year it instructs us: BE THANKFUL.
Thankful for another year to live.
Thankful for The Lord's bountiful provision. DAILY.
Thankful for the opportunity to love and serve our parents.
Thankful for the opportunity to see our children grow into Thankful People.
Thankful for a creative heritage:

My Mom loved to quilt. She made dozens and dozens of table runners like this. She had a special knack with color. And she was PROLIFIC in her production of pretty items and generous in giving gifts. I am thankful for the few years I was able to care for her - and to continue to give her opportunity with quilting and creating as long as she could.

Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday in this house. Fall colors reminding us that God changes the seasons (even in Texas) and a quiet opportunity to have a holiday where we just


May you take this opportunity to give thanks to God, for He is good.


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