Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tesseled Quilt Finish

FINISHED!! This quilt was so fun to make! (See the first steps here). I've seen some other folks online who have use the "Twister Tool", and actually have tutorials how to use the Twister Tool (just google "Twister Tool Tutorial"). I highly recommend this pattern.

I started with the squares in the left picture and ended with the pinwheels in the right picture. Notice that the order of colors of the squares and the pinwheels is the same in each quilt - because that is how this process works!

I was low on the lavender fabric, so I added a few pinwheels on the back, also.

I quilted through the diagonals of each patch - I like the squares the quilting makes on the back of the quilt.

This quilt is going to a baby (and Mama) who has a big sister. So I made a baby doll quilt for the big sister.
Soft. Warm. Colorful. So fun to have made these; touching the flannel and praying for the three precious girls: Baby, Big Sister, and Mama!

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