Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Grandmother's Flower Garden

I started English Paper Piecing a Grandmother's Flower Garden in 1982. Yes. 29 years ago, now. I used scraps. Scraps from clothes I wore in Jr. High. Remember those mini-dresses made out of . . . I don't know what to call it. It had interesting texture and thickness, wild, bright flowers. Like this:

Scraps from BEFORE Jr. High - Remember Dotted Swiss?
And Seersucker?

And scraps from clothes I made in High School. Scraps from one of my favorite blouses - it looked Victorian. If you look closely, however, you will see Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in SOME of the medallions. I called it my "Mickey Mouse Blouse". I fussy cut these hexagons before I know the words "fussy cut".

I added some dark green collections of hexagons on the left and right side to make the edges less scalloped. Then I added a row of light green and a row of dark green. Don't be too impressed yet, it HAS been a UFO for 29 years now!!!

The last row was all I needed. I cut 172 light green hexagons during vacation in 2007.

And lost them.

Since then I just kept hoping they would show up somewhere. Alas, they have not appeared. Last night I gave up. While we watched the Texas Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers (and during the two rain delays), I pulled my scraps of light green and cut 172 more hexagons.

Now I have handwork again. Only 172 hexagons to go.

Go Rangers!

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  1. I bet you don't lose these hexangons. It's looking good! I remember wearing lots of seersucker.


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