Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bloggers Block of the Month

Jackie, at Canton Village Quilt Works, has created a "Bloggers Block of the Month" and I decided to try to participate. (You can access Canton Village Quilt Works with the button in the right column on this blog.) My first task was to choose a set of fabrics to use. I have enough quilts that have nothing to do with colors I like or fabrics and colors I would actually use to decorate my house. So I went hunting in my stash to find 6 fabrics that might work in my house. I found this BEAUTIFUL turquoise batik - and decided I could make that work with most of my earth-toned decor. I then pulled a bunch of browns I like.

Nothing else went well with the batik - until a found a few (very few) scraps of the paisley you can see here with my other fabrics. It works OK.

I was showing my daughter when, all of sudden, I remembered my CLOTHING to-do pile. One day, shopping at Kohl's I found this . . . nostalgic. . . dress. I LOVE the colors!

I made and wore a dress just like this from 1977-1980 (it was red calico - but pretty much all else was the same). I wore it out. . threadbare: it was SO comfortable and cute. When I tried on this brown dress, well, it was a little short for a 50-something lady - and I wasn't too crazy about the spaghetti straps either. But - it was only $8, so I bought 2! One will contribute the skeleton of the dress-to-be, the other dress will contribute one more ruffle to make it longer and some extra fabric for some kind of cap sleeve.

It is also EXACTLY the 6th fabric I want to use in the
Bloggers Block of the Month!!

See ya!
I'm going to go dissect this dress!


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  1. Hi Cathy, Thanks for taking part in the BOM! How neat is that, that you will be using a dress that you purchased. I just love Kohl's, you can get such great deals!


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