Unfinished Projects


Here is a list of projects I have started (or inherited projects) and the approximate year of inception.

1982 Grandmother's Flower Garden  Status: Lost the light green hexagons I cut out on vacation in 2007.  These would go all around the quilt to finally finish the top.  Need to cut & sew the hexies, hand quilt.   Top Finished!  New goal: Quilt it (by hand) by July 4, 2013.  (Yeah - like that will ever happen!)  To see the progress, click here.

1999 (?) Homespun 4-Patch blocks from an exchange at Quilt Chat.  Have always wanted to piece these simply with muslin.  FINISHED  To see the finished project click here.

1999(?) 3 Round Robin Blocks from Quilt Chat one summer.  All three coordinate.  Are too big to put into one quilt, (and 3 is an awkward number to use) and too little each by themselves.

2000 Sampler Quilt from Girls' Reading and Quilt Club.  Pinks and Blues.  Lots of memories tied up in this quilt.  Still have blocks to make and then to decide how to group them.

2000 Birthday Blocks.  Girls' Reading and Quilt Club made me lovely Burgundy and Pine Pinwheels for my birthday that year.  Would be a special quilt, if I ever would put them together.  FINISHED To see the finished project click here.

2003 Rainbow Snowballs
Status: Cut out in 2003, pieced in 2005, currently hand quilting it.

2005 Gymnastics T-Shirt Quilt   FINISHED  To see the details: click here

2010 Triangle/Diamond Charm Quilt   FINISHED  To see the details: click here
Something like 989 fabrics - although TWO fabrics are repeated.

2006 Christmas Texas Star  Wall Hanging.  I hung it one year without backing, batting, quilting or binding.  Now have backing fabric and want to finish by Christmas.  Christmas which year???  FINISHED  To see: click here.


Padded Hexagon Coverlet.  Only 4 rows to sew onto quilt!  Then I just have to decide about the edge and the need for a few more green hexagons.  FINISHED  To see: click here.

Dresden Plate.  Mom hand pieced and appliqued this most beautiful sherbet colored Dresden Plates.  2nd Daughter helped her Grandma piece the blocks together.

Status: Needs a border.  Saw the most amazing idea using Dresden Plate pieces - May soon be my next handwork.

Double Wedding Ring. This would be just a small table cover.  Cheery yellow and light blue.  Should be a quick finish - but I have never sewn curved seams on a quilt.  FINISHED To see: click here.

Signatures Quilt.  A few dozen signatures of friends and family from a trip Mom made across the country in 2002(?).  I really should piece this and enjoy it, as I may be the only person in the world besides Mom who knows or is acquainted with most of these people.

Applique Wall Hanging - Fall Colors.  I think this may be a small piece Mom was using to practice a variety of techniques.  Yeah - it would be nice for Fall.  Some year.  FINISHED to see: click here.

Watercolor Blocks.  I JUST found 3 (and change) watercolor blocks Mom made.  They are like 8 x 8.  Recognize the fabric in another box.  Will have to decide how big to go or how small to stay with this one.

Husband's Grandmother's Blocks.  Hand pieced.  Obviously from old shirts etc.  LOVE THESE!  Have purchased antique bubble gum pink fabric the checkerboard with the blocks.  Will learn hand piecing with this.

Mother-in-Law's Blocks.  My dear Mother-in-Law pieced some blocks in the 1980-s and gave them to me!!!  I will get them into a quilt top sometime.

Fabric Folly Quilt.  Brights.  Square within a square

Flying Geese.  REALLY bright.

Blue Argyle.  All from my stash - Just Blue. My Bee is working on this - for a missionary we know.

I Spy - Hexagons to be set with yellow triangles. On my Design Wall right now!

Another T-Shirt Quilt for a friend

Pink & Blue Stars (cut in 1995 or so)

Homespun and Muslin checkerboard.  Remnants from one I made and one Mom made.  Would surely make another great quilt!

Batiks - 8" (2009)

Black and White and Bright (2010)

White and Bright (2011)

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