Quilt Stories

Some day I will post stories of the quilts I have made.  Right now I don't know where all the pictures are!! I will surely tell about:

Holly Hobbie - See the story here

S & A Wedding Stars

G & T Shining Stars (Philippians 2:15-16)

J & S Green & Blue

Hearts for Hip (Hip Replacement!)

Log Cabin for Daughter

C & A - Flowers

J & C - Jigsaw puzzle (see the quilt top here)

M & S - Fabric Folly 5th & 6th Grade Girls' Sunday School project

Christmas Quilt - Dr. M

Denim Patternless Rag  See the story here

Quiz T-Shirt Quilt

Patchwork Skirt - High School Reunion

B & A Black and White

J & E Homespun and Muslin