Hawaiian Shirt Quilt Blocks

Cutting the Pieces for the Hawaiian Shirt Quilt Block

Remove the Tag and Buttons
Remove the Tag, carefully, so it is fully intact and re-usable

Remove the Buttons, and the thread from the buttons.  Put them in a snack bag with the tag.

Cut the Shirt
Cut one rectangle, 10” by 12” from the left, front, portion of the shirt.  Be sure to keep the pictures on the fabric in the correct up-and-down orientation.

Cut it in half so there are 2 rectangles, 5” by 12”

Place them right sides together: fold the right side onto the left side.

Cut a triangle off the right top corner of these two pieces.  To cut the triangle, mark 1-1/2” to the left of the right corner on the top side and mark 3-1/4” down from the corner on the right side.  Make one cut through both rectangles between these marks.

Cut the Collar
Use the two pattern pieces for the collar.  Line up each collar point with the corresponding paper pattern and cut.

Cut the Sleeves
Line up the flat side of the sleeve pattern along the hem of the sleeve.  Cut according to the paper pattern given

Cut the Pocket
Cut a pocket from a scrap of fabric, being careful to keep the pictures on the fabric in the correct orientation.

Cut the Back of the Block
Cut a rectangle from the back of the shirt that measures 18” across and 20” up and down.

Cut the Borders
2 @ 3-1/2” by 10-1/2”  and 2 @ 3-1/2” by 14-1/2”

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