Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work In Progress

This year I want to try to link up with Work In Progress Wednesdays at Freshly Pieced.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So, I guess, that is one goal for 2013.

Right now I am working on my Sampler Quilt from the Girls' Club (circa 1999 or so).

I have the blocks on my design wall and I just have to figure out how to put them together into a quilt top.  My initial goal was to use only that pink fabric and the blue-and-flowers striped fabric that you see predominantly in the squares.  I then allowed myself to add white I had in my stash and other pinks and blues from my stash as needed.

I bought the pink fabric when our MJDesigns here in town went out of business.  They were selling the fabric for $2 a yard - which was a great deal.  I figured there was about 10 yards on the bolt.  I told the little girl I wanted it all - and she started measuring it.  Well, she lost count of the yards and she was wrestling with the bolt.  After about 5 yards she let out this big sigh of frustration and said something like: "You can have it all for $10".


And 13+ years later I still have this project going.
Every time I look at it I just smile - because I really like those colors together.. and because I had a handful of Junior High and High School Girls who were sewing along with me at the time.  One of the girls just sent me this picture of HER sampler quilt that she says she uses on her bed.  She did such a great job!!

Just to add a few pictures:
Here is the advent calendar I sent to my youngest at college.  

And here are some tiny Gingerbread houses I made:

They sit on the edge of your mug.

My sister-in-law and I are making more tomorrow.  They were so fun!

If you are visiting from Freshly Pieced (or somewhere else!)  Check out some of my previous posts or tabs to see more fun projects!

Happy New Year!


2013 Goals

I went to find my Notebook of Projects.  The one where I listed
all the past projects I've completed,
all the projects I have cut out,
all the projects my Mom started and left me, and
all the fabrics that have projects calling my name.

I cannot find The Notebook.

Goal #1 for 2013