Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Box #5 - A Clear Box

While I was hunting in my closet, I ran across this Clear Box full of lace.

Some of the lace is cheap and ugly
(see the sea-green lace in the lower left-hand corner).  
Some of the lace is 6 inches wide polyester 
that was used to drape pews at someone's wedding.

Some of the lace, however, is hand made.  
Some of it is tatted:

Some of it is crocheted:

Some of it I remember having in my Mom's stash when I was in Junior High School in the 1970's.  This butterfly lace I used to embellish a cami (we called them undershirts).  I sliced down the front, sewed lace on both sides and laced it up with a ribbon - the way you would lace your shoes.

And a remnant bag of rick rack.

I had a turquoise floor length dress/smock with a full front yoke.
Nehru collar.
Pouffy sleeves.
On the yoke, we sewed a rainbow of rickrack.

Yes, this box is full of memories.

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  1. What a find, and you did not use any gasoline. I do love finding old tatted lace at the thrift stores. Though many are becoming wise and prices are going up.

    blessings, jill


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