Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oldest Fabric - Box #3

Today I had hoped to link up with Behind the Seams - Fabric Party at Fabric Engineer.


The Party is was a challenge to talk about your oldest fabric.  I am late in getting this post done, but thought you might be interested anyhow.

My Maternal Grandmother was a seamstress.  Born in 1906 she lived 80 years in Pennsylvania.  My Mom used to tell that Grandma's brother (she had something like 11 siblings) raised ducks when my Mom was young (in the 1940's) and they used the duck feed sacks for clothing and table linens.

I think I have inherited a number of these sacks . . . along with other vintage fabric.

In the past I have opened a box from my closet and shown what was in the box.  I will call this Box #3. You can see other posts where I opened boxes in my room:

Box #3 is where I keep all the fabrics that I THINK are vintage from my Grandmother.  I have two pieces, same size, of number of these fabrics.

Here are pictures:

I think I've seen this fabric reproduced recently...
Or at least one VERY MUCH like it.

I had another piece of this flowered fabric and used it in a tree skirt for my Mom
as a Christmas gift one year.  

This piece with the houses, children, balloons, etc. is probably NOT a feed sack.  
But I am pretty sure it is OLD - maybe a piece my Grandmother had when Mom was a child.

I don't know about this orange, either.  The print looks more like the 1960's than some of the others.  
It has the same, course texture that the other fabrics have.

I have more boxes in my sewing room...  It's always an adventure to open one up!


  1. What a fun box to go through. I would SO be using these. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those patterns were really on feed bags? I guess whenever someone has said something like that I always imagine a very coarse brown. How interesting. The designs are really pretty.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh wow, I would love to work with those:)


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