Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today I want to show and tell.
Show you some quilts made by my Mother-in-Law.
And tell you what a wonderful lady she is.

Almost eight years ago my In-Laws moved from the west coast to live in the same city where we live.  Six and a half years ago we moved next door to them.  My kids have LOVED this: if they can't get enough chocolate at home, they go next door to Grandpa and Grandma's house!

(Grandma has multiple candy bowls - filled with the favorite candy of each grandkid, son, and daughter-in-law!)

And she carries a legacy of functional creativity.
Her Mother made a quilt for every grandchild as they graduated from high school.  Let's see - there were six siblings, two or more kids each - Grandma made over 15 quilts (hand-pieced and hand-quilted) for high school graduations.

Grandma pieced more quilts than she could quilt!!  Some of the quilts my Mother-in-Law stitched were tops that Grandma never got to quilt.  

This Grandmother's Flower Garden is entirely hand pieced 
by Grandma and hand-quilted by my Mother-in-Law.

I  think a lot of the fabrics were old shirts and scraps. 
I love the red honey-comb effect!

The top of this pinwheel quilt was her mother's handwork, 

and hand-quilted by my Mother-in-Law.

Here is her first full quilt made in a sampler class.  (I need to get a better picture: the colors are badly washed out)  This was a class taught at her church - and is probably the first quilt where she purchased matching fabrics for the quilt!  

The Pink and Blue was VERY much in vogue in the 1980's, 
when I think this quilt was created.

She always spoke of the Wheel of Mystery that she took to college.  Grandma had made it. Red and White.  And then my Mother-in-Law made one for on their bed.  It is a stunning pattern and remarkable work.
Hand Pieced.
Hand Quilted.

I wish you could meet my Mother-in-Law.  
She is a blessing to everyone who knows her.  
Every person who crosses her path is greeted with  cheerful joy and gracious hospitality.  

Proverbs 31:29 goes on to say

"Many women have done excellently,
but you surpass them all"

Yes, that describes my Mother-in-Law!

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