Sunday, April 1, 2012

UFO #3 March: Progress!

I started my March UFO.

Here is is on the design wall.  My goal is to piece it and get it to my friend who is getting her first quilting machine.  These are Homespun 4-patches I received in an exchange . . . sometime in the 1990's.

But I have not finished this UFO.  I will. soon.

I HAVE finished my January and February UFO's in the month of March!  So you see: I am catching up.

Here is the T-Shirt quilt that is my January UFO and the post about it.

Here is the Christmas Star wall hanging which is my February UFO and the post about it.

Additionally, I had a HUGE finish this month:

I have finished my triangle charm quilt called "Charming Triangles".  Pieced. Quilted. Binding on.  Done.

This is Math?

If anyone is interested, I have started a once-a-week feature I call "This is Math?"  I think math should be fun for elementary school kids, so I am providing fun ideas once a week.  This might be helpful to ease some stress if you homeshcool. It might also provide thoughtful ideas for any kid.  Math is fun.  You can access it with the tab at the top of the blog.

I have an out-of-control climbing rose that I did not remove soon enough this winter.  I INTENDED to remove it because it gets in the way of mowing and is overtaking the flower bed.  

But it started to bloom.  So I decided to let it bloom and THEN cut it down.  But some cardinals have built a nest in it!!  I can't tear it down now, can I?  The mowing crew (my husband) will have to dodge the thorns at least until these baby cardinals fly the nest.

 I love spring!

I'm linking up with the 2012 UFO Challenge at Patchwork Times.  Hop over there and see what everyone else is finishing!!



  1. i LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. your charming triangles. congrats on all your finishes!

  2. Very exciting to see the triangle quilt - what a treasure. Will keep up with your progress and thanks for sharing. Judy C

  3. Better late than never, keep going.

  4. The homespun is turning out nicely! I remember making those blocks for the exchange. You should drive by and see my roses sometime...they are going wild too! :)


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