Friday, April 6, 2012

Opening Day - BAG

One year we received a Texas Rangers umbrella as a free gift when we attended a Ranger game.  It was an awesome umbrella - larger than any I had ever purchased or owned.  It looked something like this, (although our Ranger symbols were on the Red fabric, and the blue fabric was unmarked).

While the umbrella was GREAT, the umbrella mechanism broke.  There were sharp wires sticking out everywhere.  It appeared it would no longer exist as a refuge from rain.

When we attend Ranger Baseball games, we invariably take FOOD. ( My daughter informed me that one item we "always" took to the game was BBQ potato chips.  "I don't know if I really like BBQ potato chips or not, but we ALWAYS had them when we went to Ranger games," she said.

Regardless of the menu - we take food to the game.  And we have to carry the food in some kind of bag.  
This is where the umbrella fits into this story.
I took apart the fabric for the umbrella, rotated the blue triangles, resewed and created a bag for FOOD!!

It just "fell" together.  Everything I cut fit perfectly!!  And it functioned excellently at OPENING DAY.

What a day for a ballgame!!
What a day for a win!
Cathy H

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  1. Very clever. Thanks for sharing that great idea.


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