Saturday, March 24, 2012

On the Machine

I've been quilting on my Charming Triangles Quilt - in hopes that I will have it finished for the Scrap Attack Quilt-along at Stitched in Color.

I am quilting about 3/8 of an inch from both sides of each seam.  First I stitched on either side of all the horizontal seams.  Then I stitched on both sides of the vertical seams going one direction. This resulted in a beautiful parallelogram pattern showing up on the back of the quilt:

 My daughter really liked this texture and suggested I stop after completing just the one diagonal direction.  "Less is more," she said.

It was a pretty good argument, because it does look nice.

Just a few rows into stitching on the last diagonal, however, changed our minds. 
The triangles look even better.

It makes these little stars at every intersection of triangles!!
It is so amazing!!
Thousands of triangles and thousands of stars!!

 Here is the star on one of the red sets of triangles.

And, below, you can see a star on one of the
'flowery' sets of triangles.
This is turning out even better than I ever imagined!
Back to the machine!

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