Monday, February 13, 2012

Turning Fifty

No.  It's not a new quilt pattern.  Turning Fifty is my idea for a birthday card.  I think it would work for any big ZERO birthday.

I started with a purchased birthday card that is made for a 10th birthday.
I attached a bunch of tens to the card, with a piece of ribbon and staples or tape.

The extra tens are hidden in the card, but fall out as the card is opened to be read.

I traced the numeral "10" onto a piece of white paper
 - and cut it out, to use as a pattern.

Then I cut out 4 more numeral "10"s out of different colors of paper.
(Scrap-booking paper with patterns and bright colors would be phenomenal!!) 
I traced around the edges of the numbers with magic markers.

And then I taped the ribbon to the back of the tens.  I left some ribbon in between each ten so they could fold up into the card.  I have used staples before, also.

I slightly altered the interior of the card...

Folded the extra tens into the card.

And I have a card that brings a laugh to my OLD friends, 
but is not as insulting as some of the 50th birthday cards can be.


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