Saturday, October 15, 2011


Brown is one of my favorite colors! Living in Texas, in the late summer
and early fall . . . and even into the winter, brown is EVERYWHERE.

In my house - brown granite, stone tiles, coffee corner and even the lamp made by my brother-in-law help surround us with the color brown.

In the kitchen there is usually something with chocolate -
starting with chips,

then cookie dough and

(if I get baking before the troops find the dough)
Chocolate chip cookies.

I wanted to show this to you, because I have finished a BROWN project. A Christmas gift. For my son. For Christmas of 2009. I ran into a few problems.

At 18 years old, he has LONG arms: longer than the sleeves of the pattern I used. So I had to make some changes just as I was about to put in the lining.

Then my sewing machine became unreliable. Our 33 years together were beautiful, but machines just break when you use them that long. I was going to put eleven buttonholes on this project. I sure did not want those to be a failure. So I had to buy a new machine. Then I had to get used to the machine.

And then the weather began to cool (finally) and my son began asking for his promised gift. As I approached the end of this project, I ran into a contest on another quilting blog, and decided to enter. You might want to look at the contest - and you might want to enter!! I'll show you the finished project tomorrow!


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