Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brown Corduroy Blazer

Brown Corduroy is the most amazing fabric!

It FEELS so wonderful as you cut it. It LOOKS so beautiful with its variations in nap. It SEWS together in such an amazing way!! It says "FALL" like no other fabric. And it makes a sharp blazer for the college freshman!

Each feature of the pattern looks so sharp with the corduroy.

The lapels,

The buttons,
and pockets.

And the signature of the seamstress - close to his side, but hidden from the view of college buddies. (My daughter once noted that "MOM" held upside-down says "WOW").

I made the buttons on the sleeve-placket actually functional. That will make it a little easier when he wants to roll up his sleeves.

A Christmas present completed - Christmas of 2009!
Just in time for the cooler weather of 2011.
Nothing says "FALL" like brown corduroy!

I'm linking this to Stitched in Color's Celebrate Color.
Celebrate Color
Check out all the other lovely fantastic fall creations as we celebrate the colors of the season!!



  1. WOW! I can't believe you made this. I need to step up my garment-making skills!

  2. NICE! Way to go! wow.
    : )
    who just started the garment thing.

  3. Nice! Back in the day, I made one or two of these. Now, you make me want to start making clothing again....just for a minute. Seriously, this looks fabulous!


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