Friday, September 2, 2011

Now. To Begin.

All my life I wanted to be a quilter. Along the way I have, actually, created many quilts. Most I have given away. Many are created but not completed. Some are quilts started by my Mother, my Mother-in-law and other people in my life. Oh. And the blocks-of-the month that are just that - blocks. And clothing. I like to sew clothes....

And did I mention I have a formidable collection of fabric? People give me fabric. Some I have collected myself. A lot of it my Mom collected. I even have a good selection of fabric from my Grandmother.

So. Today. I begin this blog:

1) To tell the stories of the completed quilts
2) To chronicle the completion of quilts and other projects
3) To demonstrate methods and plans I've used (and hope to use)
4) To inspire others to quilt and sew
5) To record the depletion of the fabric stash
6) To tell of my ideas/dreams for the massive quantities of fabric

My long term goal: to use up the fabric. And here is a small taste of the task before me:

Just a couple of the boxes that are out of the closet for piecing Christmas Bee blocks.

Here you can see the "scrap" side of my closet. I've tried to keep my scraps in boxes according to their colors. Oh. And yarn. Did I mention there are knitting projects that I've started?...

Boxes of yardage and old quilt pieces...

And, finally, for today, a glimpse of one of the 3 bookcases with projects, equipment, and fabric.

I love to look at the colors and patterns.
I love to think about what to do next.
I love to linger in the sewing room.

I have to go do some work now.


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